Taking a look at the Future

Every year, companies release brand new technology to the public. From the latest iPhones to Cars, TV’s and appliances, new products are constantly being tweaked & improved. The construction industry is no different. Advancements in tools & programs are changing the way we look at designing & building a home.

Beaudoin Canada is using new technology to its advantage – by implementing creative & efficient ways to ensure each job they do is done to the satisfaction of the client.

Julien Lessard has been working with Beaudoin Canada since 2007, starting out as an estimator reviewing & quoting projects to clients. Now, he has been with them full-time since 2012 and is working towards bringing a new look to this experienced & established company.

When researching online, I found a lot of articles discussing major changes to the way the construction industry is trending. I sat down with Julien to get his insight on the future of the construction industry.

How do you think the industry will change over the next 5-10 years?

Julien: Technology. It will be the biggest factor in how we are reviewing projects and evaluating risks. Systems like BIM (building information modelling) let you design fully integrated 3D models and gives you a better idea of what the project is going to look like. If there are any issues, you can spot them out before you put a shovel in the ground. This technology even lets you see it in Virtual Reality. It improves the project itself, ensures you detect any problems, and helps you co-ordinate everything with all contractors and designers. It’s the future of the construction business.

Is this something Beaudoin has already started doing?

Julien: We’ve begun adapting to the new technology and changing the way we look at projects. We’ve already adopted processes like collaborative project management and integrated design. We know this will be the way of the future in the industry. It’s still new, and mostly done on major projects for now, but we see benefits for smaller buildings.

We are progressing with the new technology that is coming out, and keep changing our working methods and adapt for the new scenarios. I feel we are doing a good job of doing that, but it is a continuous process, as new technology is developed constantly to improve the way we do business.

As a company that has been around for some time, how are you going to adapt to these changes?

Julien: Even though Beaudoin Canada has been around for almost 30 years, we have a dynamic core of motivated and keen workers. I feel the knowledge and experience of the “older guard” has been passed down to the younger generation, sort of like a shifting to a new age. We’ve grown and gotten experience from the people that started this organization, and are now doing our own training & research to keep up to date with all of the recent changes to our industry.

Client Relations

As an experienced organization, Beaudoin Construction brings a modern twist to their projects. Aside from new technology, Julien reinforced to me that Beaudoin Canada’s focus has always been quality service.

We talked about the importance of dealing with new clients, and what things first time developers can do to help get prepared for the project.

What’s the first thing you tell your clients before starting a project & why?

Julien: Before starting the work, we review what kind of risk they are exposed to and will propose a suitable contractual mode. We want to know when they want it to be finished by, the budget & payment options, scheduling etc. We are very involved right from the beginning, contributing to business plans and financing. In order to help the client understand the process, we use examples from prior jobs we’ve done that are similar to what they are looking for. This gives them a better idea what they can expect and shows that we have the knowledge and experience to complete the job successfully.

For those first time developers, what do you recommend they do before contacting a builder?

Julien: Well, anyone that comes to us as a first time client gets thorough assistance start to finish. We go through the design phase with them before construction. We know what’s needed to get started, and understand the importance of these projects for 1st time clients. I recommend to them that they have a plan, provide us with as much information as possible, and let us review from there.

When going over a project with a client, what do you focus on: Deadlines, customer service, or attention to detail?

Julien: I think all three are very important when working with any of our clients, and we will focus on what’s important for them. If a client has a tight deadline, we will find solutions to get to it. If service and attention to detail are key, we will make sure to stay closer with the client and ensure their full satisfaction. But focusing on one approach doesn’t mean we’re neglecting the others. Balance over budget, schedule and quality of service/product is key for every projects.

Like everything in our world, the construction industry is ever changing. We can now look at projects in great detail before getting anything started. The future looks bright for Beaudoin Canada, who is getting ahead of the game by staying up to date with the new technology being used.

Make sure to visit Beaudoin’s new website which details their project management and construction abilities.

Do you have a construction project in mind that you would like to visualize in addition to working with a team ahead of the latest technologies in the industry?

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