Research and Awarding of Private and Public Contracts

Are you a business owner looking to update your current office? Or maybe you’ve thought about constructing a building of your own, but don’t know where to start? If so, Beaudoin Canada is the right fit for you! They are a trusted name in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for construction and building management, and can assist you in all your project needs. Their work includes commercial buildings, professional offices and other real estate projects.

With their team of well-trained professionals, Beaudoin has succeeded in gaining a foothold in the region as a trusted company with over 30 years of experience. See our step-by-step instruction manual that provides detailed information on what you need to do before putting a shovel in the ground. If you’d rather discuss in person, feel free to call 819-595-1967 and a member of our team will answer all your questions.

” Beaudoin Canada is always on the look out for business opportunities. We are searching for clients that we can assist in the management of their construction projects, both in the private and public sectors. We also offer our services in both Ontario & Quebec. ” – Julien T.-Lessard, Ing., M. Ing., Beaudoin Construction

Private Contracts

Generally, when Beaudoin is called to tender for private projects, it is because they are invited to do so. I asked Julien if the quoting process is the same for everyone.

” The bidding process will differ depending on whether the client has a business process to do so. Private sector companies are not required to comply with any laws whatsoever with respect to how to apply for tenders.”

As an example, the quote for the Canadian Tire in Maniwaki project done in 2016 was very clear and organized. In the case of a dental clinic, the process may be less formal. The customer has his plans and rarely has to comply with constraints imposed on the final result.

Do you have special requests? Do not hesitate to let them know in this case!

Public Contracts

If you are a dentist, lawyer or restaurant owner, Beaudoin Canada is the right choice for your construction management firm. It is important to know that Beaudoin Canada has the necessary licenses to carry out projects in the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential sectors, so the company can also bid on public projects; that is to say, municipal or government contracts.

Where do they find these contracts? On the Système Électronique d’appel d’offres du Gouvernement du Québec (SEAO) and MERX for contracts on the Ontario side.

Our estimating team is responsible for finding the contracts that are of most interest to our company, and preparing the quotes according to the requests of the contractor.

” Most of the time, public quotes are presented on forms previously provided. When we have to present original content, we always aim for a neat and well-organized presentation. ” says Julien.

These research sites are accessible to all contractors. All can bid on the projects provided in order to possess the necessary licenses to be compliant.

The tendering process for public contracts is generally much more rigorous. Again, were referring to municipal or government projects. There is a tender opening and closing date that must be met in addition to the laws and regulations.

When a public tender is filed, there is an opening during which the client becomes aware of all the proposals received. In the majority of cases the result is unveiled ie. the company that obtains the contract. This is an exciting time for companies like Beaudoin as they will find out their competitors pricing. If they are not successful with their quote, they can then review and correct themselves for the next job opportunity.

What happens when a quote is accepted?

Let’s say you accepted the bid from Beaudoin for the construction of your new office. You will have to inform the Beaudoin team by sending a letter of intent. We will then review the next steps of your project before you begin. From there, applications for permits, pre-orders and orders for materials and the mobilization of the site are required. Subsequent quotes to subcontractors and shop drawings for approval by engineers and architects will be required before proceeding.

Sometimes you have to wait several months before the project can start. In some cases, a submission may be accepted in the middle of the week and the site will start on the following Monday. The scope of the project and the delivery date will determine the deadlines on a case-by-case basis. However, Beaudoin’s support for their clients is flawless. The team ensures they are present at all stages of the implementation and build a relationship of trust with their customers.

Over the coming weeks you will learn more about the construction industry and how Beaudoin utilizes its experience & management skills in the industry. In the meantime, feel free to contact the Beaudoin team today to get more information on how to start your construction project!

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