Innovation in Construction

The Future is Here

Despite its traditional  ̶  and often criticized  ̶  resistance to change, the construction industry is about to enter a new era where disruptive technologies and ground-breaking contractual modes will lead to more efficient partnerships, lower costs and better results. At Beaudoin Canada, we are already ahead of the innovation curve, as we believe that things need to change: for the better and for everyone.

BIM: Visualising Better Buildings

One of the main trends that we have already embraced and that is most likely to become the norm in the coming years is BIM, short for Building Information Modelling. This intelligent 3D model-based process allows us to create and manage information on a construction project from start to finish. Many of our clients are converting to this idea. Thanks to BIM, we can walk together into your building, feel the space and, most importantly, correct all issues long before the shovel hits the ground. Budget overruns and bad surprises should be a thing of the past, and disruptive tools such as BIM, coupled with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are a major part of our future.

Collaboration: Building Stronger Partnerships

The integration of technologies is only one of the many ways in which we at Beaudoin Canada are pushing the boundaries of our trade. We know that the prosperity of our industry depends on our ability to offer a positive, collaborative environment to our partners. That is why we are encouraging innovative transactional modes that promote teamwork instead of confrontation. In a world where the rule of the lowest bidder still prevails, often with unforeseen and undesirable results, we are aspiring to create teams where all parties are actively involved and working not against each other, but in synergy towards the success of their project.

Par Julien Tessier-Lessard