Director of Finances

819 595-1967, #223

Vanessa Sá is the Director of Finance at Beaudoin Canada. In her role, she is responsible for keeping budgets, company cash flow, and financial statements up to date. She leads the finance team and works closely with senior management and other departments. Vanessa stands out for her great analytical skills and her in-depth strategic planning skills, essential qualities to distinguish herself in her role. She is recognized for fostering a team culture, which allows her to strengthen cohesion within her department. 

Q. What value do you identify with the most?
A. Professionalism: we proudly represent Beaudoin Canada by interacting with respect with everyone. We are rigorous in the performance of our duties.

Since joining Beaudoin as a controller in 2014, Vanessa has not only demonstrated her skills in finance and accounting but also in management, which has enabled her to reach a management position in 2020. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in administration from the Université du Québec en Outaouais, she continued her development in strategic leadership with the Order of Accredited Management Accountants (CPA, CMA) to obtain her title in January 2014.