Office Manager

819 595-1967, #230

Julie Hudon serves as Office Manager at Beaudoin Canada. In her role, she ensures the smooth running of the office and daily activities, all these while dealing with administrative management. She supports the other departments in the performance of their duties.

Julie stands out for her authenticity and her contagious energy. With natural ease in setting a climate of trust and friendliness, she is the first point of contact for new employees within the company, as she is responsible for welcoming and onboarding them into the company.

Q: What value do you identify with the most?
A: Family: we form a big family where each member is recognized and valued for their excellent work. Every day, we foster a culture of respect and teamwork.

Being with Beaudoin Canada since 2002, Julie has, time and again, proven her skillfulness since her beginnings as an administrative and accounting assistant. Initially hired as a part-time employee, she quickly proved her worth and became a full-time member of the team. Very eager to learn, she perfected her knowledge in various fields: IT, management of legal documents, health and safety, and marketing, among others. Thus, over time, she was given more responsibilities and was made to wear several hats. In 2021, her commitment and efforts were rewarded as she was promoted to the Office Manager position.

Julie is involved in various humanitarian causes. She is co-founder of the charitable organization Les Maisons Beaudoin and serves as director of the Foundation Joseph Beaudoin. She also manages the philanthropic initiatives of the company. She has the qualities of a unifier and oversees the company’s social committee.