The Construction Industry in the Face of COVID-19

Building on a Culture of Innovation

The recent pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted our industry: countless projects were halted, strict hygiene guidelines had to be implemented, and all employees involved had to adapt to new rules and a virtual environment. What these events have revealed, however, is that our culture of innovation in the face of change gives us the tools to adapt and offer quality service even in times of crisis.

Adapting: Part of Our Mandate

As a company, Beaudoin believes in the importance of continuous innovation. As a Project Manager, I am constantly looking for creative solutions to accommodate our clients, from cashflow calendars to 3D modelling. Adapting rapidly to disruptions, whether a virus, a labour shortage, or a budget cut, is part of our mandate, like switching gears based on the changing needs of our clients. If anything, the pandemic has absolutely strengthened our ability to pivot and proved its importance.

Communicating Even Better

Innovation also shapes the way we communicate. Even before the confinement, our virtual platform, Communico, allowed us to collaborate remotely in real time. Now that we’ve adopted tools such as MS Teams for our weekly site meetings, we are gaining so much time, if only in terms of travel. These technologies have forced us to communicate even more efficiently, and they are likely to optimize our processes even more moving forward.

Reshaping the Work-Life Balance

We are also innovating to ensure our employees’ happiness. Our work methods are evolving, and we need to reexamine the way we collaborate as well as our flexibility towards telework. Working from home two or three days a week may very well become the norm for many of us, and coworking environments are likely to gain grounds in our professional landscape.

Whether we face a second or third wave in a near future or not, we know that our team has the expertise and tools to face any crisis adequately and to guide our clients through the storm.

By Francis Joanisse, Jr Eng.