Construction of the Cité Mirabel Medical Complex

Construction of the Cité Mirabel Medical Complex

May 11, 2017, marked the initial date of construction for the Cité Mirabel Medical Complex. Once the external construction was complete, we had the honor to step in and start our internal construction. We began our work in March of this year. This complex aims to promote the vitality and sustainability of the City with the essential services offered: medical clinic,  pharmacy, physiotherapy, center, dental clinic, psychology clinic, medical laboratory and sleep care. The entire Beaudoin Canada team is proud to contribute to this modern construction; more specifically in the modern development of machines and medical tools used for all the services.

"This project is a challenge for a simple reason, time. We have less time than expected due to unexpected delays in the construction of the shell. "

Rémi Roy, project manager at Beaudoin Canada  

One challenge: time!

As Mr. Roy put it so well, time is a big challenge in the construction of the Cité Mirabel Medical Clinic. Beaudoin Canada relies on several project managers like Roy, and all agree that deadlines vary based on uncontrollable factors.

However, quality remains a priority at Beaudoin Canada, no matter how many obstacles we face. So we decided to take a quantum leap and put more resources into the project.

As usual, we do everything in our power to meet the three main aspects of a construction project: budget, time and quality. We have every reason to believe that this challenge will be achieved successfully, thanks to our hard-working team and our innovative construction techniques. In fact, to learn more about our innovation at Beaudoin Canada, do not hesitate to consult our recent article: Beyond the scenes of innovation.

The development process

Due to our modern planning method, we were quickly aware of the process our team would undertake to finish the construction within the time allowed.

  • To begin, we started with the tendering stage. This step, already completed, required hiring all the necessary contractors, such as electricians, plumbers and more. Compared to Gatineau, we have few links with contractors in Mirabel. The search for labor allowed us to expand our contact list in the city.
  • Then, the stage of gross construction. To set the context, we are currently in this phase, dated May 17, 2018. We work on everything that happens behind the walls: spinning, plumbing and other manipulations essential to the operation of services.
  • Finally, we must do the gypsum, paint and make all the joints. The finishing of the project consists of the work of the ceiling, the floors and all the necessary furniture.

We look forward to the building owners assessing our work in June and allowing residents to start taking advantage of this wonderful medical establishment.

The potential of a project in Mirabel

Mirabel is a city with a lot of potential for new businesses. According to Mr. Philippe Rivet, CMM, the city will live a population growth of 48% by 2036.

If you want to start a project in Mirabel, or anywhere in the area, Beaudoin Canada is ready to accompany you. Contact us today by following this link:

Do you want to know more about the project we can create together? Contact us today!

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