Beyond the Scenes of Innovation

Passion. Professionalism. Innovation. These are core values ​​of Joseph Beaudoin, Beaudoin Canada’s founder. For 30 years now, he has passed it on to all his employees. The native of the Gatineau Valley has dedicated himself to providing impeccable service for each project while giving back to the community in which he grew up.

At Beaudoin Canada, we are aware of the changes that followed the current digital age. So, whether in the community, in Ottawa or in Montreal, our team is perfecting itself day after day to prove our knowledge to our customers. How? It’s simple: Joseph Beaudoin has set the stage…

Beaudoin Canada’s Transition

Over the years, Joseph has continued to develop his business network while pursuing commercial, institutional and industrial projects in markets such as Ottawa, Gatineau, and Montreal. Over time, he has perfected his knowledge and provided the necessary tools to ensure that each project meets the requirements of the clients.

The new generation of employees forms the pillars of Beaudoin Canada; they are managers, engineers, and strategists who continually employ innovative techniques in the industry. Keeping abreast of new regulations and new designs is very important, and Joseph has always made sure his employees receive the training and education they need.

BIM: Adapting Construction to Technology

Technology being now a huge role in the way that we design and construct, the young team works towards finding new and effective ways to improve the Beaudoin Canada customer experience. One of these new techniques that will allow Beaudoin Canada to stand out is the implantation of the Building information modeling (IBM) process in the current year.

Going into to the many details of BIM would be way too time-consuming, so let’s keep it simple. At its core, it is a 3D design and modelling process used for architectural purposes. We say architectural purposes, but it can also be used for anything else in the building business such as the following:

  • Energy and utilities;
  • Highway and road engineering;
  • Landscape and land surveying;
  • Rail and metro transportation engineering;
  • Urban master-planning and smart city design.

At Beaudoin Canada, we offer this process no matter what the size of your project is. (Insert Link Our team is ready to make your objectives become reality. Big or small projects can profit from our innovative mindset.

This way of proceeding under construction has many advantages, it’s not just a preview of your future building. BIM facilitates testing and analysis during the design phase to find the best answer to a problem.

In addition to facilitating design, BIM enhances coordination among team members and provides trouble-free structural maintenance throughout the project.

5 Benefits of Using BIM

  1. Design error reduction
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Reduce rework
  4. Improved decisions
  5. More efficient operations

Do you wish to learn more about BIM or want to start your project with this reliable process?

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