Better Communication: Improved Management

Research has shown it: the construction industry has gaps in terms of productivity, quality and ability to meet deadlines. The cause of such problems? The highly fragmented industry, this trend for various stakeholders to work in silos, independently of one another.

This makes it very difficult for interactions, production and information sharing. That is why Beaudoin Canada has adopted the highest practice standards and developed a project management platform.

Rigour Above All

Eager to provide its clients with an outstanding service and a flawless finished product, Beaudoin Canada has created the ELITE management model. Julien T.-Lessard, Partner and General Manager, explains: “By developing our own project management model, we wanted to incorporate the highest standards and best practices in the industry to our processes. We therefore have a better cost and schedule control.”

Communico Platform

One of the measures Beaudoin Canada has implemented to facilitate communication and information management between the different work teams is an integrated virtual environment. “By implementing Communico”, says Mr. T.-Lessard, “we wanted to solve a problem that tends to come with construction projects: the compartmentalization of the stakeholders. All this is quite procedural, but the results speak for themselves, and clients see the difference.”

Integration, Information, Collaboration

A simple but fundamental idea was behind Communico. In the construction industry, what truly fuels a project is information. Having access to it at all time therefore greatly facilitates the decision-making process and the validation of the work.

By promoting communication and collaboration within the various teams, Communico optimizes the flow of operations and strengthens information access, sharing and storage. Result: stakeholders are better equipped to make decisions without undue delay, and informed and reassured clients regularly throughout the project.