Beaudoin’s Goal-driven Approach

Every expert in commercial construction will tell you: to satisfy one’s client, one must understand their priorities. But as rigorous as it may be, the client consultation process invariably involves a margin for interpretation. After all, builders and their clients do not necessarily speak the same language.

Setting a Precedent in Construction Services Customization

True to its innovation culture, Beaudoin Canada has banked on research and development to find a solution. The result? A sophisticated method for identifying, modelling, and reading the needs of clients without approximation.

Director, Business Development and Marketing, at Beaudoin Canada, Karine Vachon holds a degree in Public Communication from Université Laval, in Quebec City.

Recently contracted as a Consultant by Beaudoin Canada, Alexandre Gareau holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Ottawa. He is currently pursuing his research at Université Laval as a postdoctoral fellow of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture.

Together, they speak to the origins of the Goal-driven Approach (GDA) and explain its positive impact.


Q1 : How did the Goal-driven Approach (GDA) emerge?

K.V. : Julien T. Lessard, Director-General at Beaudoin is an old acquaintance of Alexandre’s. He had been on a quest for a way to transpose the qualitative vocabulary often used by our clients into quantitative data that would resonate more with them as well as with the engineers leading their projects.

A.G. : Knowing that I was developing measurement tools and using advanced quantitative approaches in my research, Julien suspected that this challenge was right up my alley. In July 2019, Beaudoin Canada contracted me to devise this new approach.


Q2 : What does the GDA mean concretely for Beaudoin’s clients?

K.V. : For each client, the first step will be to fill out a short questionnaire. Questions are formulated in such a way that clients must choose between competing priorities. That is where Alexandre, with his expertise in analysis and modeling, come into play.

A.G. : The goal is to determine without any ambiguity the client’s true priorities as well as their relative magnitude. The resulting profile is then presented to the client so that they can validate or nuance it, if needs be.

Q3 : How will the Goal-driven Approach contribute to the success of your projects?

K.V. : As much as entrepreneurs and engineers agree on the terms of a project, some nuances may unfortunately get lost in translation. By providing us with a crystal-clear portrait of our clients and their priorities, our Goal-driven Approach strengthens the team symbiosis and reduces the need for further adjustments throughout the project. That is a huge asset, especially in a long-term partnership such as the one that unites Beaudoin Canada and a vast number of its clients.

A.G. : When it comes to describing the subtle preferences of a person, words sometimes fall short. Data, however, open a window of objectivity on those preferences. The benefit of this Goal driven Approach is that it captures the richness of subjectivity with the help of quantitative data comparable among themselves.

The benefit of this Goal driven Approach is that it captures the richness of subjectivity with the help of quantitative data comparable among themselves.

Alexandre Gareau, Ph. D., consultant

Q4 : Could results be surprising to some clients?

K.V. : It is entirely possible and, in some way, a desirable outcome! By filling out the questionnaire, clients must reflect on their priorities before they are faced with real decisions.

A.G. : By initiating this thought process so early, the project team will inevitably make a few interesting discoveries with the client! For instance, a client who thinks they will stick to their deadline at all cost could realize that all things considered, they would gladly accept a few delays if that means getting access to higher-quality materials.

K.V. : In construction as in any industry, knowing one’s client and their needs remains an absolute imperative. Thanks to the Goal-driven Approach developed by Alexandre Gareau, Ph.D., Beaudoin Canada is taking yet another ground-braking step toward customizing its construction services.

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