Beaudoin Canada Looking for Qualified Candidates

Our team at Beaudoin Canada is more active than ever! With an increasing number of major projects lining up, the company is constantly looking for qualified candidates capable to meet the requirements of its various future projects. Superintendent, project coordinator, project manager, project director, estimator: opportunities are numerous!

After 32 years of experience working on construction sites, including 15 years at Beaudoin as foreman and superintendent, Jean Bilodeau is always as passionate! Discover below those two very demanding, yet fascinating trades as well as the must-have qualities of the ideal candidates.

Q.: What are the respective roles of the foreman and the superintendent?

A.: Both the foreman and the superintendent have a hands-on, “on the ground” management role, but on different scales. While the foreman manages the many teams working on a single construction site, the superintendent is responsible for overseeing several construction sites.

Q.: Their work must therefore involve a solid dose of cooperation?

A.: Indeed! The foreman works closely with all their workers to ensure the smooth running of all project operations. The superintendent teams up with several foreman, naturally, but also with the project manager. From a management standpoint, their responsibilities are highly complementary. They must speak with one voice to the client, so the communication between them is crucial. They continuously support each other.

Q.: What qualities make a foreman or superintendent successful? In other words, what would be the winning formula?

A.: Ideally, we’re looking for dynamic candidates who are able to communicate efficiently with professionals and solve problems on the ground (without having to go through the office, if possible). A good foreman or superintendent is someone who can make sound decisions on their own, manage and motivate staff (this is critical nowadays), and implement all hygiene and safety regulations in effect. Both are the face of the company, so they must lead by example. They must have their eyes everywhere.

Q.: After almost 15 years at Beaudoin Canada, what is it that you like so much about the team?

A.: What truly makes a difference at Beaudoin is the team spirit. We form a close-knit group! The vast majority of people who come to work for us end up staying for a very long time. If you are a dynamic person who enjoys hard work and showing up to work every day with a smile, you will enjoy a long career among us!

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