The art of project management

So much more than Staying on Budget

When we say “project management”, we automatically think “deadline” and “budget”. And it’s entirely true: as a Project Manager for Beaudoin Canada, my job is to deliver outstanding products on time, while also staying within budget. While it may seem relatively straightforward, effective project management also requires a thorough communications approach, a strong sense of organization and analytical skills.

Face-to-face Communication

Effective project management cannot exist without inclusive and transparent communication. In order for all of us to stay on track and succeed – the foreman, the architect, the engineers, the project manager, etc. – , we need to meet in person regularly, as our work often depends on each other’s progress. We need to know about each other’s workload and constraints.

Flawless Scheduling

When it comes to construction, detailed planning is of the essence. This means allowing for a risk margin, and preparing for all contingencies. In this business as in all aspects of life, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Anticipating all possible roadblocks and learning from my past projects experiences are working methods that help me tighten my planning.

Vigilant Doubt

There is often a better way. We just need to look. An engineer by training, I have an inquisitive mind. When presented with a design, I examine every component. If I have the slightest “feeling” that there could be a more efficient and/ or economical way to achieve the same quality, I owe it to my client, my peers and my profession to investigate.

By Pascal Soucy, Eng.