L’Ange-Gardien’s Business Park: A Blessing for Local Entrepreneurs

Whether you are heading a startup, searching for suitable office spaces, or looking to open a second facility, finding the ideal commercial park can be a daunting task. Thanks to its strategic location, its unbeatable prices, and its exceptional accessibility, L’Ange-Gardien’s business park is answering the prayers of many entrepreneurs in full bloom!


Conveniently located at the intersection of Quebec routes 309 and 315, not too far from Highway 50, L’Ange‑Gardien boasts a prime location. It is therefore not surprising that more than 60 businesses have elected to settle in its xxx-acre business park, at 20 minutes from Downtown Gatineau, 30 minutes from Ottawa, and less than two hours from Montréal.

“When we opened the park back in 2006, explains Alain Descarreaux, General Director and Secretary-Treasurer at the City of L’Ange‑Gardien, we quickly realized that we were addressing a real need. Since then, the demand has never slowed down.”


In addition to its unmatched proximity, L’Ange-Gardien’s business park offers advantageous rates that are practically impossible to find in larger urban areas. As Alain Descarreaux puts it, “Being located away from big cities allows us to sell our lots at competitive prices. Furthermore, our property taxes have nothing to do with the steep rates commonly found in large urban centres.” For a startup, a small business or a company striving for efficiency and financial sustainability, access to such a well‑located commercial park with unbeatable prices is a real blessing.


“Another inherent benefit of dealing with a small city such as L’Ange-Gardien is that it comes with a personalized service, adds Alain Descarreaux. I deal personally with all developers who decide to purchase a lot here, and each of them is closely accompanied by a specialist for our Planning Department. Our issuing times for building permits are also a lot shorter than in larger cities, and our development guidelines are flexible.” Convenience, efficiency, and promptness: one might think this is a gift from heaven!

An impressive number of entrepreneurs have already recognized the opportunity and given the rate at which businesses are snagging lots, L’Ange-Gardien’s business park should reach its full capacity within the next 10 years. There are only 135 acres left. Hurry up: chance favours the prepared!

For further information, please contact Karine Vachon at kv@beaudoincanada.com or 819 639-7878